GCSE Computer Science


Paper 1 – Thursday 18th May – Afternoon (2 hours)

  • Algorithms/  Programming

Paper 2 – Thursday 25th May – Afternoon (1 hour 45 minutes)

  • Data Representation, Computer Systems, Software, Networks, Cyber Security, Ethics

Past Exam Papers      Specification


  • Lunch time every Tuesday in C10


You can down load your revision schedule here: Revision Timetable 2022 . Revision should be completed by the beginning of the week and will be checked in the first lesson.

Roll your mouse over all the tabs above to see the content you should know about each section. Test yourself by writing notes for each section before you click on the link.

This website provides lots of revision material for the GCSE course, but there are lots of other fantastic websites that you can use to revise:

Computer Science Guru – new site including lots of the theory required for the course.

BBC – notes, videos and revision tests using straightforward language.

Cambridge MOOC – Sign up to access hundreds of videos, lots of notes and revision activities.

GoConqr – Use this for all your subjects to create digital flashcards, mindmaps and quizzes.

Teach ICT – Excellent explanations of some of the more difficult topics.

Craig’n’Dave – Brilliant videos that cover all the key topics

Mr Doran is a curriculum leader for computing in Greater Manchester. This website is constantly in development – please contact me if there are any errors on the site or if there is anything else you would like me to include.