GCSE Computer Science


Roll your mouse over all the tabs above to see the content you should know about each section. Test yourself by writing notes for each section before you click on the link.

This website provides lots of revision material for the GCSE course, but there are lots of other fantastic websites that you can use to revise:

BBC – notes, videos and revision tests using straightforward language.

Cambridge MOOC – Sign up to access hundreds of videos, lots of notes and revision activities.

GoConqr – Use this for all your subjects to create digital flashcards, mindmaps and quizzes.

Teach ICT – Excellent explanations of some of the more difficult topics.

GCSE Pod – Contains lots of videos that clearly explain the key points.

Revision Notes and Sample Papers

If you have mislaid your copy of the notes, you can download them again here.

You can download past papers and mark schemes here.


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