Other Threats

DOS Attacks

Denial of service attacks involve flooding a website server with requests so that it cannot respond to genuine requests from real customers. The real customers are denied service.

This is often carried out using ‘net bots.’ This is where malware is installed on innocent peoples computers so that their computer can be used to send requests to the server. This use of lots of innocent people’s computers to carry out the attack is called distributed denial of service or DDOS.


Natural Disasters

Floods, hurricanes and earthquakes are regular occurrences in some areas. Organisations should have plans in place to ensure that the organisation can function if data is lost or if computers are not accessible.

Accidental Damage

Sometimes accidents happen, computers get knocked over or water gets spilled. Procedures should be put in place to minimise accidents including banning eating or drinking at computers or locking rooms that are not in use.


It would of course be sensible to have suitable backups in place. Cloud computing facilitates this so that backups are not stored locally


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