• String – a set of characters eg. SK15 2PK
  • Integer – a whole number eg. 134
  • Floating Point or Real – numbers that can include decimal points eg. 13.45
  • Char – a single character eg. x
  • Boolean – either True or False eg. True


Static and Dynamic

Static – a variable that keeps the same value throughout the program eg. pi

Dynamic – a variable that contains a value that can change in the program eg. score


Local and Global

Local variables are variables that only exist inside a subroutine (method).

Global variables are variables that are declared outside of a subroutine and that can be accessed anywhere in the program.


output "Welcome to the Area and Volume calculator"

area = 0    # global variable, it can be accessed anywhere in the program

declare subprocedure RecArea
    length is integer   # local variable, only accessible in the subroutine
    width is integer    
    input length
    input width    area = length * width

declare subprocedure  CircleArea
    radius is integer  # dynamic variable, it can change
    pi is integer      # static variable - it does not change    
    input radius    
    pi = 3.14    
    area = R**2 *pi

start is string
input start
if start = "Rectangel"
    call RecArea()  
elif start = "Circle"
    call CircleArea()

output "The area is",area,"metres squared"





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