Bus Network

This simple network is based around a simple cable to which the computers are connected. Terminators are required at each end to bounce data back.

Note: Nodes could be PCs, Printers, Servers or any other device that can be connected to a network.


  • Cheap – no expensive hardware required
  • Simple – quick to set up and easy to maintain.


  • Troubleshooting – it is difficult to find errors; if computers at either end could not communicate, then all connections in between them would need to be checked.
  • Size – as more computers are added, performance reduces so large networks are not a good idea.
  • Reliability – if the main cable goes down, the entire network will go down.
  • Security – the data passes each node so could be intercepted
  • Data collisions – data travels in both directions and so collisions are expected.

Visit BBC Bitesize for more information about networks.

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