When writing a program you can encounter a wide range of errors.

Syntax – you could simply forget a bracket or a colon in a line of code

Semantic – you could declare the wrong variable type (eg integer instead of string)

Logic – your program may output the wrong thing because the logic is incorrect. You may have multiplied instead of divided or used > instead of <.

Logic Error


Your program may want to use a function from a subprogram in the library (like random numbers or square root), but if it is not linked properly then it will not work.

Runtime/ Execution – these are errors that are only detected when the program is executed. It could be that data is deleted even though it is required later in the program.

Rounding – If 7.4 is rounded down to 7, any calculations using this will be significantly out.

Truncations – similarly if 4.873 is truncated to 4, any calculations using this value will be significantly incorrect.

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